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We are one of the first barbershop chains on the Polish market, we operate in Warsaw and its vicinity. You can visit us in locations at the main streets of Warsaw and in shopping malls. In each of our premises we have a team of passionate people who love their work and make sure that each of our customers leaves satisfied and confident in their haircut. Our story began with a love for traditional men's barbering and a desire to create a place where every man can feel special. Our barbershops are all about a detailed and professional haircut but also provide an experience. They are a place with a unique atmosphere of masculine style and elegance. Our skillset encompasses modern trends and classic hairstyles that never go out of fashion. The HOP-CHOP BarberShop team caters to the individual preferences and needs of each client, and our creativity and experience allow us to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Every visit to HOP-CHOP BarberShop is not only meant to refresh your appearance, but also a moment of peace, relaxation and indulgence. Our professional staff will insure you feel homely and can fully enjoy a moment of fulfilling peace of mind. Whether you are a regular customer or a first time client, we guarantee that you will be treated with the utmost respect and attention. At the same time, the services we provide have a maximum time limit, in which we have to provide a quality service, hence ensuring you will not be surprised by the time spent at our establishment. 

If you feel like coming early, you may enjoy a glass of bourbon while you wait. Visit one of our establishements, let us take care of your look, express your individuality and make you feel more confident than ever. Discover the magic of the traditions in men's barbering at HOP-CHOP BarberShop and join the vast number of satisfied customers. Discover the magic of the traditions of men's barbering at HOP-CHOP BarberShop and join the ranks of satisfied customers. Our guarantee system ensures this! If you are not a 100% satisfied with our service, please let us know. Any haircut or other service you have used and you are unhappy with will be improved, this is always possible, just come in within 72 hours of your visit to Hop-Chop BarberShop. Hop-Chop BarberShop.


We look forward to seeing you!

Price list of services

Men's haircuts

110 PLN

Haircut + Beard

150 PLN

Beard trimming (Grooming)

70 PLN

Haircut + Beard with razor undercut

160 PLN

Beard grooming with razor undercut

85 PLN

Royal Shave

60 PLN

Haircut for a boy (3 to 6 years old)

80 PLN

Father+Son haircut (3 to 6 years)

170 PLN

Hair or beard cover-up

75 PLN

Perhaps a gift idea?

Present a Hop-Chop BarberShop Gift Card to a loved one, for wide array of services including: Classic Haircut, Combo Haircut+Beard Trim or Royal Shave. Cards are available at any of our showrooms in Warsaw, we also send them by post. Purchase can be made by pressing the {Gift cards} on top of page or tab below. Cards are valid indefinitely, make an appointment with the button at the top of the page and pay by card for the service. You are welcome!

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Hop-Chop BarberShop wants you to look your best. If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, please let us know. Any haircut or other service you have used and are dissatisfied with, we will improve, this is possible within 3 days of a visit to Hop-Chop BarberShop. 3 days from a visit to the Hop-Chop BarberShop.



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